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Gabriele Lindstedt
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Thai street food (Englisch)
Mi. 06.07.2022 18:00

Thai street food is inseparable from Thai eating culture. It has gained popularity, not only through its good taste but also because of its wide range of variety and convenience. Dishes can be customized to personal preference and served in a quick time. Whether as a main course, in between, or for a party, Thai street food might spare you some cooking time but not the taste! Changing from semester to semester, you will learn some rice and noodle dishes. This semester we will cook: Kanom Jin (Ricenoodle with curry)

Kursnummer UF71410
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Gebühr: 39,00
Bitte melden Sie 2-3 Personen aus einer Familie/einer Gruppe an. Sie arbeiten dann zusammen in einer Kochnische.