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The name is German, but I am English and I`ve kept my English sense of humour !
Born ,bred and studied in London , I moved later to live first in Kenya and then in South Africa and finally ended up in Augsburg!
Would you like to be motivated, enjoy the language, have fun while learning and hear some anecdotes of life in England and other English speaking countries?
This is my aim , to help you understand and use better English but also to stay motivated and interested.
If you think this would suit you ,you`re very welcome to try one of my classes .It would be lovely to meet you.

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Englisch B2: Di., 28.09.2021
Englisch B2: Di., 28.09.2021
Englisch A2 Auffrischung: Di., 28.09.2021
Englisch C1: Mi., 29.09.2021
Englisch C1: Mi., 29.09.2021
Englisch B2: Fr., 01.10.2021
Englisch B2: Fr., 12.11.2021
Englisch B2: Fr., 14.01.2022

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